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006: How to Get Back on Track & Key Lessons for a Happy Relationship

This week’s episode shares more of the different things we’re exploring in life right now, as well as tips to get yourself back on track. We then dive into key lessons and changes we made in our lives that lead to us having happier relationships and or marriages. Join us, we’ll have some fun!

005: Everything Joyful Vol. 1

This week’s episode starts off by diving into the things that are inspiring joy in our lives right now, and then explores a variety of topics from the sound of a dog’s bark in different languages to discovering the DNA of what some scientists say is the is the mother everyone on Earth has in common. Lots of laughs and spurts of happiness along the way, this episode is one of our most favorite yet (and perfect for people who like to learn and enjoy random “useless” information.) Press play and join us!

004: How to Choose Happiness

This week we dive in to our personal journeys into happiness, from darker times to the present. We talk about the power and importance of choice when it comes to being happy, and experiencing happiness that lasts. We wrap up the episode with 3 simple steps to choose happiness no matter where you find yourself in life.

003: What it Means to Be a Teacher

Sarah is back from her third yoga teacher training and shares her experiences alongside a group discussion of our experiences and thoughts on what it is to be a “teacher” (and what we think about the word “teacher” itself.) Get comfy, hit play, and join in!

002: Changing Your Life w/ The Four Agreements

A book that has become somewhat of a classic amongst happy-life-havers, “spiritual people,” and heart-focused folk, this week we dive into the four agreements, what they are, how they’ve impacted our life, and how they’ve changed for us over time.

001: It’s Time for Your Big Leap

Stuck somewhere in life? Financially, romantically, some-other-ally? There might be one big thing holding you back. This week we dive into the book The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks, underlying fears and limiting beliefs, and how to overcome them.