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017: Laughter is the Best Medicine (Our Favorite Funny Resources)

In this episode we talk all things funny, and take a mid-show detour into a meaningful conversation around punching up vs. punching down in comedy, while sharing our favorite resources for a good laugh — from stand up comics to tv shows to youtube and social media. Hit play and dive in!

016: 26 Awesome Things Making Our Lives Better, Right Now

Enjoy finding new things to do, add to your routine, or try? This week we share some of the things we’re using to bring more joy into our lives right now. From mouthwash tablets and remineralizing toothpaste to plants and audiobooks, you’re sure to find something new to try inside this week’s episode. Hit play and join the fun!

015: Brené Brown & The Call to Courage

Brené Brown has dedicated herself to a career of studying shame, courage, and vulnerability. This week, we take a deep dive into these topics inspired by her Netflix special, “The Call to Courage”. Learn about the 1 trait common to the people that allow joy in the lives the easiest, ways to release the inner critic and deal with outer criticism, and redefine and eliminate failure. This episode is a special one, hit play and join us!

014: What it Means to be a Teacher Pt. 2

Today we revisit what it means to be a teacher, touching on topics ranging from teaching versus instructing, the importance of letting go, how we’ve grown, and sharing advice for new teachers. We also share some hilarious and embarrassing moments on our teaching journeys. Whether you’re a teacher or student yourself, there’s something for everyone in this week’s conversation. Let’s dive in!

013: Building an Authentic Business, Overcoming Procrastination, & The Power of Planning

Shout out to all you entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs. Have you struggled to create an authentic brand identity? It starts with knowing yourself and finding authentic alignment between you and your business. Personas not welcome – just be yourself always. We also wax poetic on lucky number 13, tackling tidiness, overcoming procrastination, and the power of planning.

012: The Harry Potter Episode

This week we take a deep dive down the Harry Potter rabbit hole as Olivia, Kevin, and Sarah take quizzes to determine their Harry Potter houses. Join us and discover that sometimes Buzzfeed quizzes can see the truth in the depth of your soul . . . and sometimes they’re arbitrary dumpster fires.

011: Getting Our Astrology Charts Read w/ Jessica Oberhausen

This week, Kevin’s wife Jessica guest stars to take us on a deep dive into the far reaches of the Astrology universe. Have you ever wondered what a North Node is? Do you know what it means to have your Mars in Aries? Buckle up for a trip through Olivia, Sarah, and Kevin’s charts, where we discover our strengths, talents, and how far we’ve already journeyed to overcome our astrological challenges.

010: The Favorite Things Game

This week we play The Favorite Things Game, a vibrational game that helps you get in the state of excitement, appreciation, and sharing, and one that lets you learn a lot about your friends, too! Full rules and regulations in the episode, hit play and play along with us!

009: Some fun w/ Magic, Miracles, and Manifesting

This week we share more of our outcomes practicing gratitude, the various magic and miracles that flow through our lives, and manifesting the perfect relationship. Hit play and join us for this week’s conversation!

008: Gratitude Routines & Dealing w/ People Who Complain

After the last show we decided to reembark on an old group gratitude practice while engaging with some of our own favorites, and this week we share some of the outcomes alongside other conversations from understanding people who seem to be married to complaining to how to roast a marshmallow (there are different opinions there.) Hit play and join us in this week’s show!