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Episode 017

Laughter is the Best Medicine (Our Favorite Funny Resources)

In this episode we talk all things funny, and take a mid-show detour into a meaningful conversation around punching up vs. punching down in comedy, while sharing our favorite resources for a good laugh — from stand up comics to tv shows to youtube and social media. Hit play and dive in! (Timestamps and references below!)

Hosts & Guests

Kevin Oberhausen

Olivia Bioni

Sarah Palmer Prindable

Jessica Oberhausen



1:00 Our Funny Resources
10:15 What makes things funny…and memes
23:23 Solo has a hard time and dogshaming
28:48 Stand Up Comics
31:30 Dave Chapelle and controversial comedy
48:27 Finding your right audience 
53:35 Revisiting Snape…who made his choices
56:45 Back to comedy, like Jenna Marbles
1:09:45 Love is all there is … She wants to speak to your manager, Kevin.  
1:13:02 Wrap up

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