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Episode 015

Brené Brown & The Call to Courage

Brené Brown has dedicated herself to a career of studying shame, courage, and vulnerability. This week, we take a deep dive into these topics inspired by her Netflix special, “The Call to Courage”. Learn about the 1 trait common to the people that allow joy in the lives the easiest, ways to release the inner critic and deal with outer criticism, and redefine and eliminate failure. This episode is a special one, hit play and join us! (Timestamps and references below!)

Hosts & Guests

Kevin Oberhausen

Olivia Bioni

Sarah Palmer Prindable

Jessica Oberhausen



1:08: We have a new host!
2:30: Show intro & fun ways to share what you do
5:15 We digress (ride shares, Lyft loyalty, and Chicago gets public scooters (please wear a helmet!))
12:30 The key to unlocking joy
14:00 Brene’s story & her research
17:35 What people sometimes shy away from vulnerability (an awareness to help you stop resisting being vulnerable yourself)
18:00 Vulnerability & relationships (is this keeping you unhappy?)
29:17 The role gratitude plays in being able to experience uninterrupted joy (it’s research-backed!)
37:20 Vulnerability & believing in magic
37:55 Why Kevin and Jessica won’t raise their future kids to believe in Santa Claus
40:00 Thoughts on failure
45:35 The only way failure could happen
48:50 “It’s not the critic who counts” (and dealing w/ the inner critic)
52:00 It’s the ego that experiences vulnerability
56:17 The voice of shame
59:45 Love without conditions shows the truth
1:00:00 The stories we tell ourselves
1:05:45 Brené’s astrology
1:10:00 The difference between shame and guilt
1:14:45 Dealing w/ criticism from people that aren’t “in the arena”

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