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Episode 010

The Favorite Things Game

This week we play The Favorite Things Game, a vibrational game that helps you get in the state of excitement, appreciation, and sharing, and one that lets you learn a lot about your friends, too! Full rules and regulations in the episode, hit play and play along with us! (Timestamps and references below!)

Hosts & Guests

Kevin Oberhausen

Olivia Bioni

Sarah Palmer Prindable


0:59 How to play The Favorites Game
3:56 Favorite Things
12:17 Favorite Foods
17:34 Favorite Museums
21:14 Favorite Movies
28:48 Favorite Netflix Genres and Shows
36:38 Favorite Books
40:20 Hi, Solo! and back to books 
44:11 Favorite Games
52:38 Favorite Subject in School
59:08 Favorite Language
1:03:07 Favorite Places
1:09:13 Favorite Phone Apps
1:13:33 So who won?

Find things mentioned in the episode:


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