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Episode 008

008: Gratitude Routines & Dealing w/ People Who Complain

After the last show we decided to reembark on an old group gratitude practice while engaging with some of our own favorites, and this week we share some of the outcomes alongside other conversations from understanding people who seem to be married to complaining to how to roast a marshmallow (there are different opinions there.) Hit play and join us in this week’s show! (Timestamps and references below!)

Hosts & Guests

Kevin Oberhausen

Olivia Bioni

Sarah Palmer Prindable


1:27 Louise Hay and morning gratitude routines and exciting results
20:18 The importance of the people around you, working with people who complain
25:20 Tony Robbins and Human Behavioral Psychology, being stuck on a wavelength
36:01 Little things we’re thankful for, the value in injuries
40:58 Tidbits of Yoga Wisdom
44:13 Gratitude practice results and the joys of food
49:00 How do you roast a marshmallow?
51:38 Summer camp

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