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Episode 007

Wayne’s World, DNA Testing, and Alexa Walk Into A Podcast…

This week’s episode is more talk show style, covering everything from current events to the Korean language, Sarah’s dreams about Wayne’s World and more. Plenty of laughs and random *useless* information, hit play to join this week’s conversation! (Timestamps and references below!)

Hosts & Guests

Kevin Oberhausen

Olivia Bioni

Sarah Palmer Prindable


0:55 Sarah’s Dream, Judd Apetow, and Fashion
6:45 Online Privacy
14:42 DNA testing, medical research, and cancer treatment
25:19 Memorial Day
34:55 Morning and Evening Routines  
43:09 Vacation Thoughts
48:03 Back to Morning Routines
59:27 Health and Nutrition Routines
1:03:55 Thoughts on Keto and different diets

Find things mentioned in the episode:

  • Judah Friedlander. Straight out of Wayne’s World. You would definitely know him if you saw him.
  • Kevin is talking about the Bengston Energy Healing Method
  • Alexa recorded the conversation and sent it to someone else. Read more here
  • Medieval Times is a theme park-like adventureland outside of Chicago. 
  • Thank and Grow Rich by Pam Grout is amazing.
  • Let Go by Pat Flynn is the book that Olivia references. 
  • Gulp by Mary Roach is all about the human digestive system


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